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Complete Lab

The core of the foundation revolves around its ability to implement and educate small groups of interested folks through the establishment of 5 to 20 station networks based upon the open source solution. These 'labs' have very low overhead requirements from the applicants and offer a great deal in the way of flexibility and management. Some of our applicants have even suggested that their ;abs may be used for administrative work during the day, and education at night and on weekends. Thus allowing them to be fully compliant while offering technology training to folks who may otherwise be left behind!

Retro Fit

Perhaps your organization HAS a pc lab, but due to misuse, disrepair or non compliance, its no longer being used? With our team of specialists we can rebuild your existing lab and outfit your pc's with the power appropriate solution to bring it back online and make learning fn all over again!


Due to the broad spectrum of applications and hardware experience the foundation may offer, we can also re educate your current instructors on how to best utilize their current hardware/software. Thus allowing you to reallocate your resources in a way that benefits your organization and the community you serve!

Individual Attention

Certain individual applicants may be eligible for 1,2 or even small 3 person networks which would better suite their needs. Additionally sometimes an individual just needs the right training or applications to move ahead in their quest for technology driven excellence. Saddest of all are those computers that are left completely alone because an individual lacks the time, energy or know how to make them productive members of the online community. Let US help!


You don't have to be updating 1000 pc's for reclamation to be an issue. Sometimes just replacing a single CRT can case a quandary with what to do with the old one. You cant just toss them out. Most people realize that even the smallest pc components contain lead, mercury and other solids and gases that can be harmful to the environment. Whether its 1 printer of 30 monitors, let us help YOU help the world. by making space in your office or living room, and rebuilding and re-sourcing that technology to help others who may not have the chance otherwise.


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