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"The Phoenix Foundation is currently accepting applications for organizations who would like to receive one of our labs. By selecting the APPLICATION button below you will be taken to the area for preliminary information may be entered. Any and all non profit organizations may apply for a lab, one lab may be granted to EACH organization every 12 months.


Any qualifying organization or individual may contact the foundation about our application.

Whether its outfitting an entirely new lab, retrofitting an existing site or meeting the individual needs of certain individuals in our community, a simple email for more information will start things moving in the right direction.


The Foundation will gladly accept the donation of any computer or related hardware. If it's working that's great we will put it to immediate use, if it's not working we may be able to use the parts to resurrect OTHER hardware.


Although the foundation prides itself on supporting the open source solution we will gladly accept the donation of Software for ANY platform. If our programmers cant 'port it' for use in one of our labs, will find SOME way to put it to work for the good of the people.


The life blood of any good non profit organization comes from its volunteers. If you'd like to help program, assemble , implement , teach or even just move heavy stuff, we will find you work!


If you're already using open source solutions in your own home or office we welcome your expertise. You may have ideas that we haven't thought of yet, or better yet you may be the God given solution to a problem that has been nagging at us for years!


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