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A little education can go a LONG way, especially when it involves the constantly changing realm of computers!

Sometimes, all you need is one good idea!

  • Every year tens of thousands of people all over the US buy a computer "because they were told their kids needed one to stay current in school."
  • At the same time Thousands of small business owners buy networks and web sites because they were told "it will revolutionize your business!"
  • There are millions of sites on the world wide web that have old, outdated content, if they have any at all, merely because "the web guy" quit and took all the know how with him!

NOW is the time to CHANGE all that!

Now please don't think that the Foundation has 'the magic bullet' that will allow us all to become master programmers over night! But we can partner with you and your company and find ways to make your investment worthwhile.

Lets say you HAVE a network, but it's really just a bunch of individual PC's that happened to e connected together.
The Foundation can give you a detailed analysis of your current resources and give you a real time idea of how to best make use of the systems you have in place. With a few hours of your time and dedicated attention let the Foundation teach you how to wring every last dollar from every piece of technology you have. Sometimes increasing your productivity while actually reducing overhead.
A presence on the WWW can make a HUGE difference in your business.
But NO ONE wants to look at the same web sites over and over again. Let the folks at the Foundation teach your staff how to UNLEASH the power of technology that you've ALREADY invested. If you don't have a presence on the web, maybe that can be your next step. But on the other hand, maybe that's just overkill. We can show you the difference's
Perhaps the best thing the Foundation could do for you is to teach you, or your designated technology master, the ins and outs of what you have!
"Those pc's you bought 5 years ago aren't really good for much except solitaire Moore's law states that every 18 months, computing power will exactly double.
So that means that those PC's you bought 5 years ago really aren't worth using right?
NOTHING could be farther from the truth! Yes eventually we al must face the fact that, although we love the Timex Sinclair, it probably needs to be replaced. But since the Foundation bases its teaching platform on the open source platform we can show you how to wring every last megahertz from your current PC's. Yes new computers are shiny and they have found ways to light things up that ought not HAVE lights. But that's like putting diamond hubcaps on your Jetta, only you and the neighborhood dogs REALLY see any improvements. Let Us show You how to best benefit from what you already have.






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Last modified: 05/29/07