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SO you have a PC lab now, but you're not using it? Let the Foundation get you up to speed and COMPLIANT for all your proprietary software.

Retrofitting your current PC lab

  • Did you know that in the USA only 1 of every 40 children have access to a computer?
  • Did you realize that 1 out of every 5 pc's in an American home is used for email and SOLITAIRE!
  • Are you afraid that some of the software in your lab isn't "paid for"?

Allow the Foundation for Faith help you CHANGE all that!

Our staff of experts can perform an on site evaluation of your  pc lab, at no cost to you, and find out the BEST way that your lab can be  rebuilt to best meet the needs and goals of YOUR organization.

Did your PC administrator leave and take all his knowledge with him?
It's the same story over and over again. The PC Lab was established from one mans dream, and then that mans dream fades, or his interest does, and there goes your curriculum. Let the Foundation show you how we can revitalize your old lab and gift you with a completely free and open source curriculum. A curriculum that can be used anywhere, by anyone at anytime! 
Perhaps your lab is up and running, but
they just aren't garnering the interest you had hoped?
Because the Foundation utilizes a completely open source curriculum, we provide the pathway to applications and education light years past "word processors 101." Let our Foundation and your staff design a curriculum that would allow your students to "build" a "virtual pc" that they can personalize and take with them wherever they go. Turning every school, library and 'friends' pc, into their OWN!
Recently a VERY large corporation in our area, paid out over $47,000
in non-compliance fines, instituted by a certain manufacturer
Now we ALL like something for nothing. But did you know that when you buy most computer programs your not actually buying the program itself, but your buying the "right" to load and use it on as many or as FEW pc's as the manufacturer specifies! Typically this means that every pc over ONE is in violation of the law!
The Beauty of an open source concept is that they support and actually encourage the use of their games and applications on as many computers as possible!
So instead of finding out the hard way (read expensive) that the copy of Microsoft Office you bough in 1995 is actually violating the law, why not install OpenOffice, on as many PC's as you'd like! All cost and guilt free!






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