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So you feel that a complete lab would best suit your particular situation? Great take a look at the information below and lets get started!

Complete Lab

  • Typically a COMPLETE lab consists of a small group of workstations with one "server" or teacher station
  • Currently the smallest lab that we setup consists of 5 workstations 1 server 1 printer and the network.
  • From that installation we typically grow a lab in increments of 5, up to 20 stations and 1 server


The most common setups are the 5, the 10 and the 20 station workgroups

Other than the number of workstations the other differences in the larger labs are the number of printers and the networking hardware used.

Lab + 5
This lab is one of our most popular because of its small size. It consists of 5 complete pc 'student' workstations, a single server or 'teacher' workstation and a single printer, usually but not always an inkjet connected to the server.
  Additionally the "+5" uses a small 10/100 hub to connect the workstations to the server, and the 'server' also will often act as a print server.
Lab +10
The +10 is for folks who have had, or currently have a pc lab established, but need to "juice it up" or even resurrect it, in the case of a lab thats no longer being used. The +10 allows 10 student workstations and 1 teacher server, along with complete networking facilities and at this point the printer, or printers normally run off of an individual print server. All +10 applicants have the option to request 2 printers. These would typically consist of a monochrome laser printer along with a color ink jet.
Lab +20
The +20 is the grand daddy of all our labs. It provides the most challenge to establish and maintain, but also allows a great deal of flexibility of installaton options. Many +20 labs will activate such services as "web server", "mail server", and "FTP server". This allows your students to experience many of the same learning experiences that they would find in a 'real world' or external lab system. The +20 with its 20 student work stations and single server/teacher will often find its way into the hands of organizations who already provide PC services, and are looking for an advanced directive, or greater flexibility in the curriculum they offer. A traditional +20 will allow the applicants up to 4 printers, as available, and possibly even a dedicated file server. The +20 avails itself of the entire open source learning enviroment and may be used as a networked administration site when not in use.

Information Request Form

To start your application for a lab please select the quicklink below and send us an email with your name, address, telephone number and the best time we may reach you

Yes I feel my organization would benefit from one of your labs. I understand that there is no cost to receive a lab, and if granted one I will provide adequate space and power, at my own cost, to maintain the lab.




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