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At a time when gas prices are higher than ever, “recycling” has become more IMPORTANT that ever

Reclamation may be the solution for YOU!

  • Do you have an old PC that you just replaced?
  • Did your kids move out and leave theirs behind?

  • Has your OFFICE recently performed upgrades?

Computers by the thousands are retired every day here in America, and to make matters worse many MORE are merely thrown in the trash!

Now it’s bad enough that computers are being treated like toasters, but they are pretty much an expendable item now, available at your local Wally world-mart store. Pretty soon they will be the consolation prizes in your box of cereal, when they run out of little plastic cars. We can’t change that perception over night, but we can stress the concept of recycling

Most people think of recycling in terms of pop bottles and beer cans, but did you know that with the simple application of the right OS and applications ANY computer can be made a viable living piece of the computing world!
And monitors! Almost everyone is upgrading to 19” (or larger) flat screens, and simply laying their old monitors out by the curb. Aside from the fact that that method of disposal is laying mercury, lead and acid into our landfills, (most people don’t realize that there is a capacitor on the rear of al CRT’s that has enough electricity stored up even after its been unplugged for a long time) that it could kill a curious person, who spots it by the side of the road.
Let the Foundation relieve you of that burden. Our teams of technicians will take your retired hardware (or software) off your hands and attempt to place it in service in one of our labs! The recipients of our labs are not always looking for the brightest and shiniest cube on the block. They want a solid foundation for learning new information and opening the access to an INFINITE palette of resources!
In the case where a device doesn’t power up, call us anyway, we have chip level technicians who will recycle part if not all of your gift and give someone else the opportunity to learn.
If all else fails the Foundation will utilize your donations in a fundraising event of its own, making sure that your gifts are going towards the use intended!






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Last modified: 05/29/07