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The lifeblood of our labs centers on refurbishing hardware that is no longer being used to its highest and best use. Whether itís a room full of PCís or 2 or 3 monitors or even just a single router or hub or switch, we will find a place for it in one of our labs.

Almost everyone currently has or wants a laser printer, or some other photo or publishing quality printer. Well the recipients of our labs currently donít have anything at all, so whether itís your Dot matrix printer or even a Daisy Wheel, we can find a way to use it in a lab that will allow dozens of childrenís and seniors to find their way in todayís technology jungle.


  • Occasionally folks will call and say ďWell Iíve got this computer, but it doesnít really workÖĒ Well thatís the beauty of our staff of pc assemblers, whether itís a blown chip or a fried motherboard if we canít get it running we can always use the parts from your PC to help another one that was donated in similar shape! We have an amazing record of reviving and revitalizing PCís that their previous owners thought could NEVER lead another productive life cycle
  • This also lends strength to the open source solution, with our Software platform we can take yesterdays PCís, that maybe are to slow to play todayís games, and place them in a network setting where a 1600x1200 display and 100FPS just doesnít matter! When youíre working on your Resume or Term paper or even generating last quarters fiscal reports, the fact that your sound card doesnít do 5.1, just doesnít matter! Thatís where we focus our time, using hardware that you donít find useful anymore and turning it into a springboard for someone who may never have the chance any other way!

  • If you have Hardware that youíre not using, or you feel Ďjust doesnít cut ití anymore, please give us a call, or drop us a line at Donate@Foundation4Faith.org and let us come by and pick up your discards. Never again will you need to worry about the acid and lead leaching into your lawn when you put a monitor at the curb. And printers are GREAT, but leave them alone in the rain and theyíll kill a plant in a minute.


Donít prejudge what you have, we can find a way to re-source almost anything computer related, and if we cant weíll find someone who CAN! Thanks for your support and remember youíre not just helping us but your helping dozens if not HUNDREDS of others, get a leg up!


HEY! I have something that I'd like to donate!

Please take a minute and let us know how to contact you and we'll help YOU help others!



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Last modified: 05/29/07