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The Foundation recently completed their corporate constitution as well as having submitted their application for tax free status. From all indications from the state, this is merely a formality and those of you who have helped us out in the past should be receiving your 'tax receipts' shortly. Thanks for your patience.


Web Changes

The foundation is THRILLED to announce the application of our new web presence at www.foundation4faith.org.

We'd like to thank the folks at Phoenix Financial Networks for hosting us all this time, we just felt it was time to spread out and utilize our OWN web based opportunities!

However, since our re-launch 05-31-09 we have made MANY changes and will undoubtedly making MANY more, so please bear with us as we grow to meet our applicants needs!. Additionally check back often as we have been growing at an almost EXPONENTIAL rate over the last 6 months and MANY great new changes and programs are in the offerings!


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Last modified: 05/29/09