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Phoenix Foundation


Faith Based Education




"Where Education and technology meet." 

Our NEWEST Project! Bringing the Principles of the Foundation to YOU!

Imagine being able to experience in YOUR business, YOUR meetings, YOUR Sales Seminars, the principles and ideas that have made the Phoenix Foundation for Faith Based Education the success that it is!

In order to bring you THIS type of encouragement and excitement the Foundation for Faith has paired up with one of the most DYNAMIC speaking organizations in the UNITED STATES. From that group we are pulling only the best and the brightest  to help bring our message and combine it with YOUR needs so that you to can reap the benefits of several LIFETIMES of acheivements as we have!

Look through the following pages and select the speaker that fits your company and then flip through our "Menu" and find the type of Subject that your organization could most benefit from, drop us a line and lets make some arrangements!.

Although each of our speakers are independent operators who design and deliver their own presentations, each and every one of them has pledges a portion of THEIR speaking fee to the Foundation itself!

Help yourself, benefit your organization, whether its your business, social club or community based operation and most importantly allow OUR speakers to teach, entertain and bring it all together under YOUR roof! 

Search our MENU for a subject that FITS!


See our roster for the SPEAKER of your choice!