BUSINESS                       PERSONAL

                        Leadership                                                                                           Conflict Resolution

                          Are Leaders Born or Made?                                                                              Whats the BEST way to stop a fight? AVOID IT!

For years the business community has been led to believe that Leaders                             Even your mom knew that, unfortunately in the heat of some discussions

are born with some unusual abilities that make them great leaders.                                    those are NOT words easily applied. Let our team show you how to 

During this one hour format we will challenge many of the “old wives tales”                     extricate yourself from a sticky situation in a manner that is both personal

surrounding what makes a good leader.                                                                            and yet allows you all to walk away feeling that everyone has won!

Additionally we will provide first hand examples of how ordinary people,                            Sometimes, win or loss is not the objective, often we need to heal old

in extraordinary circumstances have turned out to rise to the occasion                                 wounds and make sure that new ones aren't opened. Let our team show you

and display many of those attributes that we seem to be restricted                                        proven tools and techniques so that everyone leaves knowing how to

to a small minority of “leaders.”                                                                                        better handle those issues in the future.

Before the hour is over Mr. Hess will show you the ONE trait of leadership                         Our goal is the same as yours, make sure that EVERYONE is happy,

which effectively doubled his income, and so much more.                                                    let US show you the tools you need to turn that into a reality.

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