Occasionally we get some contributions that we just cant use!
Usually its Hardware or Software that is particular to one OS or another
First we try and find a home,
Then we try and build an Auction

everything will end up here.
The best part is, that everything is listed as a 1 price (except for certain LARGER items) and 1 shipping and handling cost. We try to stay within the continental US, but if you email us before you buy we may ship elsewhere with a predetermined shipping cost!
PLEASE look around, tell your friends and family, theres something here for EVERYONE!
At the request of certain folks we will try to make this as EASY as possible.
Following are some links where you will find items grouped by "suggested donation."
For example on the $5 page, anything on that page can be had for a minimum contribution of $5 plus s/h
Same with the $10 , $15 and $20 pages.
We WILL Absolutely combine shipping, please just email and ask.
Because of the nature of what we do, were pretty flexible in what we do and how we do it.
If you decide to send us a check or MO, please let us know, and once you email us we will hold the item for 7 days.

$5.00    $10.00   $15.00   $20.00

Thanks for everything and I hope you find what YOURE looking for,
so that we can help a lot of other folks find what THEY are looking for!