Always realize that $5 is a suggested minumum, feel free to round UP!
All Items have a standard Shipping and Handling of $7.00.
S/H may be combined, please email us for an esitmated total.

   Beauty and the BEAST                Hello Kitty - Shapes/#'s            Marios Time Machine            Aladdin and his LAMP      Seseme Street ART Ctr.

    Dinosaur Safari                     The Jungle Book!                Websters for KIDS!            Encyclopedia of Games!

     3COM 5 seperate LAN Manuals                        Ascend Manual on Telecommuting!        Call Courier - UNIFY!

        Gandalf manual on ISIS II                                    HP/Colorado Tape Backup 2 Books                3 seperate Microsoft Certification Training Manuals!

            NEC N500A Data and Video System                    New Horizon Cisco Training Class                        SRA: Fundementals of IBM and AIX


    FIVE different Symantec Manuals!                    SystemGuard POWER STATION/SERVER    Understanding Emerging Wireless Technologies

                                                                                Picture it! Windows 98 and Microsoft Encarta! 3 Manuals for $5!

    We were also blessed to have bestowed on us a treasure trove of histrical and educational videotapes, that have been used to training, lecturing and learning.
    Since one video tape pretty much LOOKS like another, we wont bore you with the photos, just some titles to choose from.
    Remember every gift of $5 gets to choose ANY of the titles listed on THIS page! Of course we can work out combines shipping discounts if requested.

    Createx: Introduction to Airbrushing        Rolodex Corporation: The Model EL3100        3COM: The Distinguished Lecture Series

    3COM: The San Jose Education Network    3COM:NetBUILDER II Hardware                3COM: Explore ATM

    3COM: MOAT-Mother of All Tests        HP: The Rehearsal        Tripplite: SMART Intelligent line        SUN: Success on Sun

    COM: Introduction to PACE Network Multimedia.