NEW for NON Profits
And quite possibly for a limited number of engagements!

        Without hesitation one of the BIGGEST concerns on most people minds today is MONEY.

        Most of the concern for THAT comes from the wonder if Todays the day? Is TODAY the day that the boss tells me that the "company no longer has need for my skillset?"

        It's happening EVERYWHERE in EVERY situation, folks are suddenly becoming jobless through no fault of their own, unfortunately many companies need to increase their bottom line,
        and the ONLY way they can imagine doing that is to DECREASE their workforce!

        GUESS WHAT: TODAY IS THE DAY!   Today is the day that YOU get to take control of whether that conversation includes YOU or not!

The Team from the FOUNDATION has developed several NEW programs that will offer YOUR members the ability to GET THE JOB the WANT or better yet KEEP the job the HAVE!

        Thats right, at NO cost to YOUR organization our team will come in and give one of several presentations.

        Let our proffessionals show your members how to:

                                        Develop better skills to use in ANY professional enviroment.

                                        Dress for the Job they WANT not the job they HAVE, and NOT go on a shopping spree!

                                        Create the image and the impression for their superiors that they can NOT do without them!

        Maybe you have some folks who are the the situation of looking for a whole NEW careeer! Our team can offer them tools to:

                                        Make an impression that they will NOT forget!
                                        Develop a style that will mesh in almost ANY enviroment!

                                        Handle those TOUGH interview questions that we all KNOW are coming, but NEVER seem to be prepared for!

                                        Take the skills and education that they already HAVE, as much or LITTLE as that may be, and mold it to any of 10 different careers!

        These are services your members can NOT do without! Regardless of where they are or where they want to be, after spending as little as 45 minutes or as long as 2 hours with our team they will be equipped to handle ANY situation!

        So stop what your doing, call us 321-663-4871 or better yet drop us an email with your name, phone number and best time to call you. and START truly serving your members         future!