New for Missions!

    Several Times throughout the years we have been approached by well deserving singles or families who for some reason or another could really use one of our small networks, but obviously don't fall within our guidelines. Rather than continue to turn away some very good folks our team has searched and searched for a way that we can help singles and small families, and now we have found a way!

    One of the greatest fund raising mechanisms of the 20th century is the INTERNET, there are undoubtedly 100's of Missionaries wishing to spread the good news, but return home to raise additional funding and they only arrive with what fits in a small suitcase! For folks in that category we NOW have a program available.

    By simply filling out our abbreviated application (available HERE), and sending it back to us, we can get you on the road to an on line relationship that can help everyone! Not only can our team supply your computing needs, BUT we can also set things up,walk you through the process and offer you a similar (albeit abbreviated) course similar to what we offer in our larger networks.

    On top of all that we will EVEN allow you to host your own web page here on our site with a small BIO about yourself and your mission and direct any and all potential spponsors directly to you!

    But enough, lets get to the good stuff, take a few minutes, fill out the mini app, return it to us, and our team will contact you, or someone you know! and put you on the right road to a free PC solution!

    We wait to here from and help you in any way that we can!

Want more information? Drop us an email!